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Passionate About Helping Horses + Overwhelmed By Your Equine Business 
Here is Your Plan To Stop Working Endless Hours

The Secret to Greater Profit & Impact As A Horse Professional...

Break Free From the Traditional Industry Model!


Ensure Every Hour You’re Investing In Your Business Will Get You Closer To Financial Peace-of-Mind, Give You Back Your Life, & Help More Horses.


In just 9 weeks, set your business up to run efficiently, profitably, and built to grow for the future using the step-by-step planning system for horse pros who want to feel fulfilled by the difference they make AND the income that reflects their hard work.

"Working with Red Mare Enterprises changed my life. Laser focused on my priorities, Catherine Respess helped me organize my business structure and develop my services so that I could experience growth without an increased travel schedule."

- Jillian Kreinbring, MS | JK Inspired

Horse pros work

And many don’t have much to show for all that hard work...

 except maybe, being too tired, having too little time, and getting too little appreciation.

Do you wear your strong work ethic like a

 At what cost? 

 Even highly popular horse professionals make less than minimum hourly wage.
Shocked? Have you done the math?
Let's say you take in $10,000 a month and you are working 360 hours a month:

(which means that you're doing great as a horse professional)


*Cost of owning horses = $2,000 a month minimum
*Gas, truck, trailer, insurance = $2,500 a month minimum
*Ongoing training = $1,000 a month 
*Services delivered without getting paid = $1,000 a month
*Expenses = $1,500 
*Working Six 14-hour days a week = 360 hours a month

= $5.50 an hour
… And yes, minimum wage is now about $10!

And yet...

You agreed to start teaching Sundays,

even though that was your only day off.

You’re up every few hours during the night,

because someone’s always texting a question, cancellation, or instruction.


You can’t remember when you took your last vacation

that wasn’t a few hours off around a horse show.

You pride yourself on offering affordable lessons,

but by the time you figure in the gas for your truck and the time you spend, it’s barely enough for a trip through the Starbuck’s drive-thru.

You’ve always done it this way and it’s the way you’ve always seen it done.


That’s just the way working in the horse industry is, right?

Maybe it doesn’t seem so bad, most days. 
Except for those nights you’re up with a colicing horse...
...or you're waiting on the client that never shows up on time...

...or you’re wondering how to pay for the load of hay before clients give you their board...
...and then there’s that horse in the barn you wish you’d never agreed to take on.

Did you ever stop to think that you work REALLY HARD and don’t even have enough time to ride your own horse that has so much potential or enjoy a special family dinner?

Chances are, You still believe that you have to…

It’s NO WONDER you look around and see unhappy, exhausted, and burned out pros everywhere.

Working 7-days-a-week, never able to take your boots off, will wear out even the most devoted horse professional.

More hours + more hours + even longer hours is still the prevailing business model for the horse industry.



STOP working the same old way… and learn how you can make more money WITHOUT working longer hours or giving up your personal life.
And NO… more clients is NOT the answer! 
More clients means NO life. Because more clients means more scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations, and non-payments. All needing to be managed by you.
Result: No life outside of the barn… no time for kids, friends, hobbies, your own horses, rest... yup, even a bath!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s not about getting a ‘real job’, it’s about making an equine service a ‘real business.’

Go from putting out fires and just getting by… to KNOWING how to have an equine business you love… enjoying your horses, your clients, and yourself.
We’ve put together a program that shows you how to implement strategies in your business that other successful industries take for granted.

We help new-to-the-industry and ‘old hands’ with actionable strategies for finding your perfect clients, reducing time teaching while maximizing training results, automating your schedule, and putting your marketing on autopilot.

After the coaching program,

You’ll be on your way to transforming your business to have:

Creating this new business model is a bit like a puzzle...

...There is a  right way and a wrong way, to implement those steps.

Do it right and everything in those moments where you and your horse feel like one.

But, do it wrong and you'll work until there is no passion left and you’re searching for a way out.

And this program doesn't just include facts, it also guides you through some tech challenges, changes your mindset in regards to money, and holds you gently accountable for putting those steps into action.

10X Your Horse Industry Business  With Our New
Online Coaching Program

Break free from a broken business model, double your revenue, and cut your hours in half!

Create a business that runs efficiently, profitably, and is built to grow for the future using the step-by-step planning system for horse industry professionals that feel fulfilled by the difference they make AND the income that reflects their hard work.


Perfect For Any Horse Professionals!

Trainers • Instructors • Osteopaths • Farriers • Dentists • Stable Owners • Equine Facilitators

We’ll show you how to:

  • Approach people who WILL be interested in what you have to offer.

  • Commit to only working with clients you love to serve!

  • Develop a stackable service ladder that leverages your time and maximizes profit. 

  • Create marketing and promotions that run on autopilot.

  • Drastically reduce lost income from cancellations and reschedules with one simple trick

  • Put contracts, processes, and automations in place that show your clients that you're a true professional.

  • Develop additional services to upsell with your regular programs, increasing profits and client satisfaction. 

  • Bring in new, perfect clients with simple, free workshops that cost nothing to run but lead to a steady flow of new clients.


Watch your business become more fun to run with each step!

"I found my tribe...and now love my business!"

"First, Catherine is a phenom. She had a vision to create a place where pros could leverage each other’s perspective and experience to use as a springboard to make crucial changes to their lives. 
Then, the folks who were also participating!!! I found a tribe and I am so very grateful to have a place where I feel seen and heard and supported. 
Oh, yeah, and I launched a new business that incorporates my core values, helps others, and is the most fun I’ve had in my work, EVER. 
Red Mare is an organization that really partners with the equestrian professional. I highly recommend working with Catherine and her team." 

 - Helen Ingersoll, Frog Pond Farm

What's Inside

Since our program is about SAVING TIME and MAKING MORE MONEY, together we’ll be working on both each week, one step at a time.


Join me and my team at Red Mare for a 9-Week Trail Map to…

Everything in this online coaching program is designed to work alongside your business.


You DON'T have to spend hours and hours watching online videos before you can implement what we teach.


We understand that you’re in an unpredictable business. Horses can’t be put on a schedule. Therefore, we deliver you the information in a week-by-week fashion, including a calendar you can follow step by step… 


…BUT no worries, there is NO falling behind.


You have all the time in the world to implement each step.

In addition, you’ll be able to join a low-cost membership after this coaching program is finished to help you through the complete transformation of your business.

And as an extra bonus, you'll have a team that can assist you when you get stuck and support you when you want to outsource some of the work!

Each Strategy gets you closer to a business that is a joy to run and a life you love!

Come join us in...

Inside BREAK FREE you'll receive:

  • 9 detailed trainings on how to best implement all 9 essential growth strategies
  • Your own Google calendar action prompts to keep you going, even when things get crazy busy
  • Many of our agency-developed worksheets and checklists, usually reserved for private clients
  • Weekly Live Q&A's &  Zoom Office Hours, fully integrate what you are learning and get all your questions answered in real time zoom session (of course, you can submit questions before and watch the recordings)

PLUS receive all these powerful BONUSES:

  • BONUS 1: 'Local Facebook Ad Mastery' specifically designed for equine businesses
  • BONUS 2. 'Winning Formula For Successful Clinics' with exceptional experiences & video-supported curriculum
  • BONUS 3: 'Between the Ears' a motivational mindset audio series by Catherine
  • BONUS 4: Break Free to Greener Pastures Facebook Group to unpack thoughts and ideas in a private community, just for members.

Today's Price = Only $697


Our Gold Medal Promise


If you take this online coaching program and are unhappy with your results in the first 30 days, you deserve your money back.


Simply send us an email and we’ll happily give you your money back!

 We know how passionate you are about helping horses. We know what a privilege it is to work with horses. Now it's time to also makes it F.U.N.!


Taking Break Free and implementing the strategies will allow you to love your business as much as you love being in the saddle. Make friends with building your business, so you can enjoy being with your horses even more.
The small investment in Break Free will ensure you have the tools and know-how to make the changes you need to create the business you dream of!




"I’ve tried other courses and it’s always a disaster. 
How will Break Free be different?"

Yes, there are plenty of resources out there for building a ‘dream’ business, but none address the uniqueness of our horse world. 
After all, horse pros can’t just close the office door and forget about their work. Horse people are different. We are passionate, in-the-moment-kind-of-folks. Feeling overrides logic. 
The problem is that horse pros know horses… but horse pros are not just dealing with horses, they’re also dealing with PEOPLE and MONEY.


At Red Mare Enterprises we’ve been on both sides of the fence – horse pros and clients. As an agency with creative bones, business brains, and equestrian hearts; we are as passionate about horses as you are.

We know our business, but as people with lifetimes in the saddle, we also understand the uniqueness of yours.  

And yes, we know the difference between a cantle and a pommel, a cinch and a girth, a gallop and a canter, a jog and a trot....

As professional marketers, we know every little mistake can have a huge impact on your business and horses. It’s our goal to teach you what we know, to help not only more horse pros, but to help many more horses in the process. We are rooting for your success. 

We applaud your dedication to the lives of horses!


Have you wondered what it would be like to CHOOSE the clients you want to work with, ENJOY the time you have with friends and family away from the barn, and feel SATISFIED that your hard-earned work allows you to buy the things you need without worry? 

It may sound crazy, but our online coaching program BREAK FREE can teach you how to get that life… if you act now. 

Or you can continue working 16-hour days on 4 hours of sleep, feeling cranky and underappreciated, for clients who don’t accept no and dictate your schedule…all at under minimum wage.

If you choose not to join us, we still hope you find your way to a healthier, happier schedule and profitable business. 

But if you know there is no time better than right NOW and you are ready to make the change, we are so ready to show you how! 

Seize the moment and have the confidence that Break Free can give you a business you love, not just today, but every day! 


Join Us Now!

"I’m living my life’s calling thanks to the team at Red Mare."

"I love how collaborative the approach is at Red Mare. Anything we can dream of can be brought to life and if it isn’t a good fit, we have the flexibility to evaluate and make changes. I’m very proud that within 8 months of our first enrollment, we tripled the financial goal that I had set. More importantly, we are creating a new generation of classical riders all over the world who are finding incredible successes with the training, support, and inspiration that I’m able to provide. I’m living my life’s calling thanks to the team at Red Mare."

- Jessica Jo Tate, Team Tate Academy

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