2021 Virtual Conference 

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October 15, 2021


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2021 Virtual Conference 


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October 15, 2021

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Equine Osteopathy

For The Good of the Whole Horse

We aspire to connect equine professionals from all over the world to the art of Osteopathy by providing a venue and resource for communication and collaboration among all those who study, practice and teach.

There is much to learn from each other and the profession of Equine Osteopathy as it is practiced throughout the world.

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Meet the 2021 Speakers

Walter McKone


Walter Mckone, a Human Osteopath from London, holds a degree from the British School of Osteopathy, is an accomplished author and a sports medicine officer for football in the United Kingdom.  His research into both the history of Osteopathy from AT Still to today’s common school teachings and practices are the topic of this lecture and we are honored to share his presentation and findings.

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Dr. Caroline Hahn


Dr. Caroline Hahn is a very accomplished veterinarian and equine neurologist. She acquired her DVM at the University of Florida in 1991 and went on to complete an internship in equine neurology and orthopaedic surgery at the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket. She then moved to the University of Edinburgh to complete a residency and PhD in equine neurology. Dr. Hahn subsequently spent a year at the University of Sydney training in small animal neurology before returning to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies as a senior lecturer in veterinary clinical neuroscience. She is board certified by the European College of Equine Internal Medicine and the European College of Veterinary Neurology.

Dr. Hahn teaches neuroanatomy and equine neurology at the University of Edinburgh and is in demand worldwide to teach continuing professional development courses in equine neurology. She has special interest in lecturing on the topics of the diagnosis and treatment of all equine neurological diseases.

Dr. Emil Olsen


Emil Olsen is a Board certified (specialist) by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Large Animal and Equine Internal Medicine and residency trained in neurology, working as a small animal and equine neurologist and an equine internist. Trained in his passion at Cornell Veterinary School, he enjoys every part of it; from the emergency and critical care receiving to the Neurologic examination, poor performance and the chronic weight loss patient.  

Dr. Olsen's research is focused on gait analysis: activity monitoring and coordination, neuromuscular electrophysiology with a general interest in how to apply technology to monitoring diseases and understanding quadrupedal coordination and rehabilitation.

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Dr. Mette Aarup 

Veterinarian & Equine Dentist 

Mette Aarup is a Danish veterinarian working full time as an equine dentist in her own private practice. She combines ambulant and hospital work as needed for x-ray and indoor climate when filling, treating and extracting teeth. Mette gained her dentistry skills with IGFP in Germany, BEVA in England and she did the full Equine Odontology programme at SLU, the Swedish Veterinary University. Later she was a Board member of NCED, Nordic College of Equine Dentistry, which provides continuing education within Equine Dentistry. 

Dedicated care of healthy teeth and gentle dental treatments is Mette’s goal. She is always on the search for more knowledge and a holistic understanding of her patients.

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Dr. Amy Biddle


Dr. Biddle’s lab runs the Equine Microbiome Project in the Equine Studies Department at the University of Delaware. In this presentation, you will hear an in-depth discussion about how the equine microbiome is affected by stress and how this influences the  conversations between the gut and the brain. She sees the micro-organisms, where others see the  organ, as a major influencer on horse behavior and health.

Dr. Biddle grew up with horses and describes her happy place as any time spent with or on the back of her horse. She considers herself  “a microbiologist with a horse problem.”

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Dr. Richard Johnson


Rick Johnson, PhD is a professor of physiological sciences and neuroscience, as well as a large animal anatomy instructor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida. In his lab, Dr. Johnson is currently studying the Affective Touch Sensory system, briefly described in the presentation.


Dr. Johnson is a member of University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine faculty since 1986, primarily in the department of physiological sciences, as well as additionally appointed to a position in the College of Medicine’s department of neuroscience.

Dr. Heidi Nielsen

Veterinarian, Equine Dentist & Chiropractor


Dr. Heidi Nielsen is an Equine Veterinarian with a special interest in equine dentistry and postural rehabilitation. Dr. Nielsen expanded upon her veterinary education to include: dentist, chiropractor, postural rehabilitation, acupuncture and Equine Touch.

As a traditionally trained veterinarian, Dr. Nielsen now prefers to focus on the horse’s teeth and biomechanics. In addition, Hiedi spends time staying updated on new scientific knowledge and following its developments. An active participant in continued education, she participates in courses and conferences nationally and internationally. Heidi keeps a close eye on modern equipment, technology and materials that can further help horses.

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Dr. Christine Gee


Dr. Gee is a veterinarian practicing outside Melbourne, Australia. She specialized in Animal Biomechanical Medicine, which in Australia includes manual therapies, acupuncture, laser and  prolotherapy. She met Sharon May-Davis in 2011 at a biomechanics webinar and became interested in the C6-C7 malformation as it became apparent in her own practice.

Dr. Gee’s research into this syndrome, along with developing a radiological protocol, makes her a leading expert on the subject of Equine Complex Vertebral Malformation.

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Janek Vluggen


Born and raised in the Netherlands and practicing for over 30 years in Germany, Janek Vluggen, D.O., MRO-D, EDO®, started as a human physiotherapist then graduated as a Human Osteopath DO from the International Academy of Osteopathy in Gent, Belgium in Europe. Along with Pascal Evrard, a fellow avid rider and Osteopath, they began investigating and pioneering the use of Osteopathy on their horses. A complete new paradigm in animal science was born. 

In 2008, Janek Vluggen founded “The Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy and Education” and continues to travel around the world applying the principles of equine osteopathy, educating and training professionals. Janek is very proud to be one of the leading forces in the global recognition for equine osteopathy; the increasing interest and acknowledgement by the veterinary community worldwide is reflected by the multiple scientific researches and studies started at various universities around the world. Janek is a researcher, innovator, therapist and a popular lecturer in the United States and Europe for over the last two decades.

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